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> Date: October 15, 2016 at 11:01:06 AM CDT
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> OCTOBER 15, 2016
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> An Important Message to
> the Fairfield/Maharishi
> Vedic City Community
> Dear Sidhas and Governors of Fairfield,
> The atmosphere in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City is much enlivened these 
> days with the influx of Sidhas and Governors from around the country — and 
> even from other countries — who have come to join us in creating coherence in 
> national consciousness during this unusually turbulent election period. 
> Wherever we meet them, in the Domes or the square or the supermarkets, let’s 
> give them such a warm welcome that they won’t want to leave our oasis of 
> happiness.
> The extra numbers in the flying halls remind us of all those times when the 
> Domes were overflowing, and we just felt invincible and blissful despite 
> whatever was going on in the world. You’ve probably heard from friends that, 
> recently, many in our community are re-discovering group program. They’re 
> experiencing anew that special light feeling as you walk out of the Dome 
> after program.
> The current elections are crucial to the future of our nation in many ways. 
> It is not just the executive; it is all three branches of government which 
> hang in the balance. Let’s use the powerful technology of group program that 
> Maharishi gave us to ensure the best possible outcome for the whole country.
> The evidence for the Maharishi Effect continues to mount up. Another 
> compelling, new study came out in February of this year, again based on 
> publicly available statistics. This is a scientific breakthrough that 
> outstrips all others in its power to do good for ourselves, our nation, and 
> our world.
> Jai Guru Dev
> Raja John Hagelin
> P.S. I want to be clear that as an organization, we do not support any one 
> candidate over any other candidate. Natural Law, when enlivened by our group 
> practice, will support the best outcome for the nation.
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