I’m guessing that if Trump ever was “elected” there would be tanks in the 
streets within a week. Whether they’d be coming from him or for him is the only 
question.  The American experiment would be effectively over.  

To those who say “We’ve survived worse” actually we haven’t.  At least during 
the Civil War we had responsible and brilliant leaders on both sides.  This 
time there’d be only one side and a “leader” who is still a functioning human 
in name only.  It would be chaos.

I’m also guessing the uber-rich rats who basically fomented all this are 
getting their planes inspected just in case.


On Oct 15, 2016, at 12:02 PM, authfri...@yahoo.com [FairfieldLife] 
<FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

There are oogobs of reasons to fear Trump's election, including (but not 
limited to) his threat to "tighten up" libel laws and sue the media when he 
doesn't like what they say about him.

There's zero evidence that either Carlos Slim or Jeff Bezos has attempted to 
slant the WaPo's or the NYTimes' coverage of the candidates. That's just silly 
right-wing dithering.

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<noozguru@...> wrote :

What is more shocking than Donald Trump is the unabashed media bias from the 
big media companies bashing Trump and supporting Hillary.  My guess is they 
fear that if Donald gets in he'll start breaking up their monopolies.  Now 
that's not exactly "right wing" is it?  In fact it's been the left over the 
years who have criticized this control of our media by a few companies and now 
a few oligarchs.

Carlos Slim, a Mexican oligarch, owns the New York Times. So he probably fears 
Trump taking away his new pet toy.  Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, now owns 
the Washington Post and he probably fear the Donald taking away his new pet 
toy.  So should we be surprised their lap dogs, fearing loss of their jobs, are 
required to favor Hillary.

Here's an example of how controlled the media has become.  If I could take this 
clip back to the 1950s and show it to the man of the street they'd be shocked 
and claim that "the communists have taken over America!" Ain't the communism 
though it's fascism.  Whoopi Goldberg is questioning in a non-partisan way what 
is going on with the media.  See what happens:


Entire segment here and you'll hear Whoopi's mike get cut out just like they 
would do in a fascist regime.

This is appalling in a country that has long favored free speech.  I think we 
have Civil War 2.0 ahead though they may attempt to preempt it with WW III.

On 10/14/2016 11:10 PM, hepa7@... <mailto:hepa7@...> [FairfieldLife] wrote:
> Donnie wins, Hillary steals??
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqpvcMFmzM>
>  <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqpvcMFmzM>        
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqpvcMFmzM>
> SO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO WINS THE ELECTION? i told you months ago this would 
> happen....INCREDIBLE DETAILS ENCODED 3200 years ago in...
> View on www.youtube.com <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqpvcMFmzM> 
> Preview by Yahoo 

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