The hideous, diabolical truth about Hillary Clinton
 The hideous, diabolical truth about Hillary Clinton
 It's been a busy life!
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 Honestly Bhairitu, I don't remember that but she doesn't have a good record 
for thirty years of *pubic service*. What has she accomplished? Every thing she 
has done as Secretary of State has been a failure that has led to the worst 
refugee crisis  Western Europe has witnessed and feels guilty enough about it 
to want to bring hundreds of thousands of those refugees here.
 Zero trust worthiness. Corrupt as hell.The only way she can look any better  
is to try to tear Trump down below her, which she has the aid of the media to 
help. As Trump said, she couldn't be elected dog catcher without the support of 
the media. Check the Wikileaks e-mails to substantiate that.


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 Hey Mike!  Didn't I say a while back that if Hillary was the nominee the 
campaign would be about character and not issues?  If Bernie got the nomination 
it would be about issues?  Look at the degeneration of the American 
consciousness.  Some states (including California) you can write in a choice.  
There is a move in those states to write in Bernie as a protest vote.
 Of course we have our resident "shamer" troll who tries shame anyone who has a 
liberal view if they quote a "right wing source" even if that source is 
correct.  Shame on that troll!
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   If Trump fondled my balls, I wouldn't have gone public but I would have 
immediately reported it to police and asked for an investigation and police 
report verifying that I did report it.
 You are, apparently, unable to grasp what it takes to stand up to such 
intimidation and wealth as Trump can wield even though, in reality, he is a 
pitiable loser.
 Now you know how the Clinton sexual victims feel! What kind of power does a 
woman have against the Attorney General/ Governor of a state or a President 
have, especially when his wife sends out Lawyers from the Rose Law Firm to 
threaten and silence the victims.

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 That's the whole point. It's the classic Saul Alinsky tactic. If you are 
busted for something, deny it and accuse your accuser of the same, but louder. 
The problem here is that Bill Clinton's accusers, accused him almost 
immediately. Trump's accusers, accused as much as thirty years later. Silent 
till now. Trump has been a public figure for some thirty years or longer and 
never accused publicly of these things and never called a racist until he ran 
against a Democrat. This is their *play book*. BTW, he was a Democrat when he 
supposedly did these things, thus it wasn't his fault, he was a victim of a 
*patriarchal society*up bringing. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! Remember when 
Bill Clinton perjured himself and all we heard was, "it's just about sex"
 Also, there are wholes big enough to drive an 18 wheeler through in some of  
these stories. The fact that Wikileaks is exposing the medias bias and 
compliance and coordination with the Hillary campaign says enough.
 I dare you t! o say that if Trump had fondled your balls that you would have 
gone public or legal on him. I don't believe you have the money or the chutzpah 
to have taken him on in the face of such an affront given his power and wealth. 
There is safety in numbers and it seems that at some point enough is enough for 
these women. You obviously have no idea of the kind of legal and financial sway 
he has over people. He is as eager to sic his lawyers on those who confront him 
as you are to vilify Hillary. 

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   So, how is Trump's besmirching of his female accusers any different or 
better or more justified than Hillary's alleged attacks against Bill Clinton's 
accusers? Does Trump not realize he's doing the exact same thing he accuses his 
opponent of? I haven't seen this point made anywhere in the media yet. What the 







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