No, Mike, it's not just "sex."  It's assault.   Yes, Mike, we care.  No, Mike, 
Bill Clinton is *not* who we are electing.  Her name is Hillary.  No, Mike, 
Hillary does not wish that someone would grope her.  Yes, Mike, it's 2016.  
Standards are a changin.'   

 Have you ever been groped against your will?  
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 I notice that "I grope women without their consent" is in quotes, which means 
he actually said those words. Did he? But really, we don't care if he did or 
not. "It's just sex and he can compartmentalize!"  Didn't we establish that 
with Bill Clinton back in the nineties? While Democrats deny the allegations 
against Bill Clinton, by women who have been attacked by Bill, referring to 
them as tramps and liars, threatening them with lawyers and insisting that they 

 part of the *vast* right wing conspiracy, they're all too quick to admit that 
he has a *problem* keeping his hands off of women. Just not these women. So 
which is it?
 BTW, most of these allegations have been thoroughly shot down and he was a 
*good* Democrat when he was alleged to have done them and should be considered 
a good, healthy, red blooded, American male, by the standard set for Bill 

 Don't you know that  Hillary wishes someone would grope her.. just once!

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