Doug booted them, nobody else did so they  could "now have FFL to yourself, 
without the people you dislike.”  I believe that’s called a red herring.  As 
far as anyone else here is concerned, I’m pretty sure most would not object to 
their coming back.  I know I wouldn’t.  It would be fascinating, in fact, to 
see how long they’d last.

Why do these off-the-cuff remarks bother you so much?  There’s always the 
delete button you know.


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They're discussing TV and politics. One thing that is little discussed over 
there is the goings on over here. They're gone from here and content with their 
new digs. You now have FFL to yourself, without the people you dislike. So, why 
do you keep bringing them up? Jeez, let it go already.

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Can someone please go over and subscribe at The Corner? They're gasping for 
air. I almost feel bad. Maybe there's been a power outage for a few weeks. That 
might explain it.

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