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Much of the media is against Trump because he is a terrible candidate -- the worst the GOP has put forward in living memory. Of course the media is using its influence to persuade people not to vote for him. Nothing illegitimate or sinister about that.

Because his people want to see mainstream media broken up and he might do that. That I'd applaud along with breaking up the big banks. There's nothing too big to fail. These used to be things "libruls" were for. What happened?

He is simply unqualified for the office, in any area you care to name.

You mean George W Bush was qualified?  Got two terms.

Being President is a salesman's job. Trump is a salesman. Not voting for him and would have preferred Sanders. And not voting for the crazy woman either.

BTW, if she bails on the last debate it will be over for her. All Trump has to do is remind the public of that old saw "quitters never win." I think she's already lost by a landslide.

The polls don't count though both sides try to imply they do because more and more folks who still have landlines have NoMoRobo and the younger folks don't have landlines.

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Yes they have.

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Well Feste, it is rigged. When the media openly declares it is their duty to stop him

They haven't done that.

and they conspire with her campaign,

They haven't done that either.

as is revealed in the Wikileaks e-mails, they are no longer objectively reporting the news but trying to influence an election. This will make it very difficult for Hillary to govern even if she is elected.

Of course it's going to be very difficult for Hillary to govern. But not because the media have conspired with her campaign. It'll be very difficult for her to govern because of reflexive GOP resistance and the spreading of lies abo! ut her and about the media by the right wing, as well as the lies Trump will continue to spread about the election being "rigged" after she's in the White House.

There will be a resistance to her presidency like has never been seen before.

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Even though he seems certain to lose, I am still worried, because he is angry and unhinged and could cause a lot of trouble between now and Election Day, and also afterwards. He is openly saying the election is rigged, which is very dangerous.

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