Article about Silicon Valley and the election. Generally the tech sector was never very political until the 1990s. Microsoft had to even be prompted to lobby for legislation in the late 1990s. Bill Gates couldn't have cared less about politics. Most programmers I knew were apolitical and made jokes about the whole thing. Then some decided they liked libertarianism which is now very prominent and especially a POV I see on tech forums (and have fun stepping on).

/"After years of scorning the political process, Silicon Valley has leapt into the fray. The prospect of a President Donald J. Trump is pushing the tech community to move beyond its traditional role as donors and to embrace a new existence as agitators and activists.//"
Yup, with the exception of Peter Thiel, who probably feels he has something to gain in keeping the GOP alive most of the Silicon Valley status quo are supporting Clinton who will continue the status quo. After all those cheap off shore tech workers can't be beat!

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