Yep. Funny when trump was trashing the family of a US soldier who died in the 
Middle East, playing bad boy with not releasing his taxes, bragging about how 
smart he was, and how dumb the rest of us were, etc., etc., etc., all of his 
sycophants and fanboys and girls were as happy as p__s in s__t. The media hung 
on every word, with Matt Lauer practically wetting himself during an interview 
with the orange abomination. 

Now that trump has raised the stakes of his brattiness to include sexual 
assault against women, everyone coast to coast has had enough, game over. 
Playing the American people like saps, as trump has in every area of life he 
enters, isn't a smart idea, and eventually, if you keep pushing the envelope as 
he did, eventually you will be told in no uncertain terms, to fuck off. 

This obviously isn't some media and establishment scheme to "get him". He has 
shown himself to be a worthless, illiterate, disrespectful, low-life sex 
offender from queens. Who would possibly want such scum for president, except 
those who think the same way he does?
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 No. Trump himself. I listened to him. 

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 And who told you that? The media?

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   Much of the media is against Trump because he is a terrible candidate -- the 
worst the GOP has put forward in living memory. Of course the media is using 
its influence to persuade people not to vote for him. Nothing illegitimate or 
sinister about that. He is simply unqualified for the office, in any area you 
care to name. 


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 Yes they have.

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 Well Feste, it is rigged. When the media openly declares it is their duty to 
stop him

 They haven't done that.

 and they conspire with her campaign,

 They haven't done that either.

 as is revealed in the Wikileaks e-mails, they are no longer objectively 
reporting the news but trying to influence an election. This will make it very 
difficult for Hillary to govern even if she is elected.

 Of course it's going to be very difficult for Hillary to govern. But not 
because the media have conspired with her campaign. It'll be very difficult for 
her to govern because of reflexive GOP resistance and the spreading of lies 
about her and about the media by the right wing, as well as the lies Trump will 
continue to spread about the election being "rigged" after she's in the White 



 There will be a resistance to her presidency like has never been seen before. 


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   Even though he seems certain to lose, I am still worried, because he is 
angry and unhinged and could cause a lot of trouble between now and Election 
Day, and also afterwards. He is openly saying the election is rigged, which is 
very dangerous. 


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