What Doug doesn't seem to understand is that all of life, every moment, is 
"spiritual" - or "of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul."   

 I, unfortunately, am not optimistic that the Aberration will slink away after 
the election. 

 Another Monday is here and life off the forum is calling.....  


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 Yep, that's right, Ann. Any mention of Hillary, Clinton, or Trump will get you 
banned!! This is a SPIRITUAL forum, see. 

So you must never say, for example, "Hillary appears to be heading for a 
landslide, and very soon all we will see of Trump is the top of his orange hair 
as he sinks back into the swamp from which he came." 

That would be a terrible, shocking post, and YOU MUST NOT DO IT. 

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 Yes they do Doug.  I am almost positive you are aware of their traditionalist, 
conformist bent which almost always supports the Republican.     

 Me, I’m a proud Democrat and in this election, a Hillary supporter.

 a general communal premise otherwise being that Natural Law, when enlivened by 
our group practice of effective meditation, will support the best outcome for a 

 If that’s still the prevailing feeling whoever spouts nonsense like that needs 
to get their head out of their backsides.  Voting is crucial.


 OH NOOOOOOO... you mentioned the word "Hillary". Now you will be banned.


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[FairfieldLife] <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com 
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P.S. I want to be clear that as an organization on one hand and then the 
evident Fairfield spiritual community on the other hand, neither the TM 
movement, the meditating University in Fairfield, Iowa, nor does the evident 
spiritual practice community of Fairfield, Ia. or even FairfieldLife, a 
spiritual Yahoo-group, do not support or endorse any one candidate over any 
other candidate in this National election, a general communal premise otherwise 
being that Natural Law, when enlivened by our group practice of effective 
meditation, will support the best outcome for a nation.   -JaiGuruYou


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 Notice of an Embargo, something of a road closure.. 


 We are upon 3 weeks now to the US election. It is certainly time with all that 
is spiritual going on otherwise to reel this place back in some and put an 
embargo on mundane political bickering that has become exclusive of any 
spiritual commentary. This is expected of us as a topical (spiritual) 
Yahoo-group and certainly there are lots of other places for mundane partisan 
bickering on the internet.  

 Notice and Fair Warning: Until the election day in the USA passes a heavy hand 
of moderation is going to fall over mundane political postings that come on to 
FFL with a particular embargo on posts which contain words, ‘Hillary’, 
‘Donald’, ‘Clinton’ or ‘Trump’.
 Writers should take alternate routes (detours) around these words for the next 
three weeks.   

 There are any number of capable writers posting to FFL. Those who have 
spiritual observation to offer can easily continue to offer their 
considerations on FairfieldLife, a Yahoo-group community.  -JaiGuruYou 



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