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 Indiana’s Republican governor, Mike Pence—Trump’s running mate—has sent state 
 into more than half of the state’s counties to conduct “investigations” into 
potential voter fraud.
 In one county alone, state troopers seized application papers 
 for more than 45,000 newly registered black voters—effectively keeping 
 them from voting in what is likely to be close presidential and Senate 
contests in the state. Multiply that sort of seizure of newly registered voter 
papers in 50-plus counties in Indiana by state troopers conducting 
investigations, and it’s likely more than enough to make a difference in a 
close contest.
 Pence officials have said that the state police investigations are legitimate 
and that they believe instances of voter fraud will be found. But this looks 
mostly like voter suppression, conducted under the guise of an investigation of 
voter “fraud” (which, again, is essentially nonexistent in America). It’s more 
likely it has one simple, direct goal in mind: to disenfranchise voters. In 
this case, the goal would seem to be to keep newly registered black voters from 
supporting either Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or Senate 
Democratic candidate Evan Bayh.
 Pence actively supports these efforts. In a video of one of his campaign 
 for instance, an audience member said: “One of the things that a lot of us are 
scared of is this voter fraud. I’m ready for a revolution, because we can’t 
have her in (office).” Pence responded, “Don’t say that,” and started backing 
away from her. But once he was beside the podium, Pence touted the state 
trooper voter fraud investigations in dozens of Indiana counties. “There’s a 
revolution coming on November 8th, I promise you,” Pence said. “I’ll tell you, 
in the state of Indiana right now, we’ve got a pretty vigorous investigation 
into voter fraud going on.”
 Compared to voter fraud, voter intimidation, is a much more insidious (and 
potentially dangerous) method of trying to win by keeping the other side from 
even showing up at polls. This is the tactic that Trump and his 
super-surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, have begun to deploy in recent days by actively 
encouraging their supporters to go to polling places in the suburbs and urban 
areas to “monitor 

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