In this 3 min video Dr. Robert Keith Wallace quotes MMY as saying that 
Enlightenment is the ultimate state of
 physiological refinement.  Interesting claim but it doesn't mesh with MMY's 
own statement that if one fails to attain an immortal physical light body, it 
would be an offense to the Divine Mother.
 Sri Aurobindo's model of evolution focused on the "Superman" state in which 
the individual's physical body merges into pure Light, vanishing from ordinary 
sight.  Though he and "The Mother" hoped to attain this state, they failed to 
do so and offered inadequate explanations for their failure.
 Similarly, in Tibetan Buddhism there re anecdotal accounts of persons who at 
the time of death, vanish into pure Light.
 To conclude, based on various lines of evidence, it appears that humanity has 
a long way to go before people evolve into any "ultimate" state of 
neurophysiological evolution.

 Neurophysiology of Enlightenment - Dr. Robert Keith Wallace 
 Neurophysiology of Enlightenment - Dr. Robert... Visit the official Canada TM site: Dr. Keith Wallace describes how enlightenment can be 
measured in terms of neurophysiology....
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