Aoelf, i was somewhat concerned for you with this.  
 There is quite a lot of spiritual 
 resource here in FF to help with spiritually subtler wounds.
 Those T-syndrome-like impressions in life.  

 Over the years I have kept a ‘Directory of
 Active Spiritual Practice Groups in FF’.  There could easily
 be a Directory of Subtle Spiritual Energy Practitioning in FF.
 It is the Satsang of spiritual FF now. The back page of 
 The Fairfield Weekly ads do show some of that.    

 This is a lot of where the meditating community has gone.
 These talks about ‘integrative’ medicine that are part of the
 ‘October Surprise’ are somewhat of a catch up with where all the
 Meditating community has gone here.  There was a talk the other 
 night, there is a new book out from MUM Press on Vedic Psychiatry. 
  ..The horse out and closing the barn door in time? 
 You ever tried to shepherd sheep back in after they’ve just gone out to 


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 Thanks for that clarification because this actually gave me some real pause 
and anxiety. Antics like what Time reported are cause for great concern but 
perhaps it is not quite as terrible as it initially sounded.


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