Vote for Trump because Melania is (perhaps) a meditator? NO, NO, and NO again!  

You ask what common sense says. Here it is: Look at the candidates and what 
they stand for and how they conduct themselves, not at what their spouses 
supposedly do. Trump would be unfit for office even if Melania meditated 24/7. 
He is beyond hope or redemption -- a dreadful character who has already done 
much harm and may do even more before he is finished.

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 Om, someone emerged stopping me in a Fairfield, Iowa cafe today 
 telling me in a reassuring way that ‘Malania’ 
 is a meditator. 
 Could the meditator consciousness Meissner Effect be strong enough with
 Malania only a heartbeat away from her President be reason enough
 to vote for her husband?
 Should this ‘fact’ influence the meditator demographic voting bloc?
 Otherwise, what does the science say,
 about disordered narcissism and the effect of meditation?
What should Common sense say?

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