According to you, Doug, one of the most devoted, committed long-term TMers in 
the world, Bevan Morris, was ousted from his position as president of MUM 
because he was so inept at managing the university. 

 We also know that several long-term TMers who post regularly to this group 
have a penchant for coughing up false and malicious tales they've 
swallowed--without a hint of critical thinking--from right-wingers desperate to 
destroy Hillary Clinton.

 Why on *earth* should we think Melania's meditation practice (if indeed she 
has one--we don't know that for a fact) would have enough of a beneficial 
effect on her husband to make it reasonable to ignore the hundreds of reasons 
he's utterly unfit for the presidency?



 ---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Om, someone emerged stopping me in a Fairfield, Iowa cafe today 
 telling me in a reassuring way that ‘Malania’ 
 is a meditator. 
 Could the meditator consciousness Meissner Effect be strong enough with
 Malania only a heartbeat away from her President be reason enough
 to vote for her husband?
 Should this ‘fact’ influence the meditator demographic voting bloc?
 Otherwise, what does the science say,
 about disordered narcissism and the effect of meditation?
What should Common sense say?

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