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 Trump’s kids are meditators, too. At least some of them. If that’s supposed to 
have had a positive influence on Trump, it obviously hasn’t. Or perhaps if they 
hadn’t been meditators, he would actually have been shooting people on 5th 

 Good one. I've thought of that also.  
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 If Trump were married to the Virgin Mary I still wouldn't vote for him.

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 I have the very uncomfortable feeling that Doug is actually looking for 
reasons to promote voting for Trump on FFL. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not sure 
how else to interpret this post.



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 Om, someone emerged stopping me in a Fairfield, Iowa cafe today 
 telling me in a reassuring way that ‘Malania’ 
 is a meditator. 
 Could the meditator consciousness Meissner Effect be strong enough with
 Malania only a heartbeat away from her President be reason enough
 to vote for her husband?
 Should this ‘fact’ influence the meditator demographic voting bloc?
 Otherwise, what does the science say,
 about disordered narcissism and the effect of meditation?
 What should Common sense say?


 Common sense says it is idiotic to even think that even if Melania were a 
meditator it would have one iota of effect on the asshat that is her husband. 
It hasn't helped anything in the 11 years they have been married so it ain't 
gonna to anything worthwhile now. What a load of hogwash (appealing to the 
farmer in you).



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