"But Trump’s pro-Putin positions are not based on a principled anti-war stance. 
It’s more personal than that. For example, Trump’s son Donald, Jr. has 
 that Russian money has “made up a pretty disproportionate section of a lot of 
our [the Trump Organization’s] assets.” Trump’s refusal to release his tax 
returns—which all other major party nominees have done for over forty years—has 
raised speculation that it might reveal embarrassing details of Kremlin-related 
financial deals.
 According to Bill Browder 
 who once operated the largest foreign-investment fund in Russia,
 “Trump is a dealmaker, and I can’t imagine that he would be doing this 
[promoting policies favorable to Russia] unless there was something in it for 
him. He doesn’t think of it as high treason. He thinks of it as a deal. What 
that deal is we don’t know.”
 In response to questions about Trump’s repeated praise of Putin’s strengths as 
a leader, his runningmate Mike Pence 
 stated, "it's inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader” than 
President Obama. When Trump was asked about his pro-Putin rhetoric, he cited 
the Russian president’s poll numbers, showing by close to 80 percent favorable 
ratings among the Russian public.
 In response, Stanford University professor and former U.S. ambassador to 
Russia Michael McFaul https://twitter.com/McFaul/status/774254648819453957 
tweeted, “If Obama seized control of Fox, allowed only supporters in Congress, 
closed the NRA and arrested Trump, he, too, might have 80 percent approval 
 Trump likes Putin because he is a strongman. That should make Americans worry, 
no matter what their politics.
 Putin's U.S. Defenders | The Progressive 

 Putin's U.S. Defenders | The Progressive 
http://www.progressive.org/news/2016/09/188950/putins-us-defenders Vladimir 
Putin, Direct Line 
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 Trump's continual fawning over Putin is one of the most astonishing things I 
have seen in American politics. The GOP nominee falling over backwards to say 
positive things about the Russian leader and about Russia's role in world 
events? Who would ever have thought it? Why does he do it? My money is on Trump 
having business interests in Russia that he wants to protect. 

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 Someone is off their meds...

Trump says if he wins election he might meet with Putin before officially 
taking office 
 Trump says if he wins election he might meet with Putin ... 
 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is still cozying up to Russian 
President Vladimir...

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