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 Yes, following trump's mind is like hacking through a jungle with a machete. 
She did a great job, and seemed relaxed, and even enjoying herself.

 Trevor Noah had this to say with regard to Trump's comment about him not being 
a "puppet" but that Hillary was (I know you are but what am I, nah, nah, nah);
 As for Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “puppet,” 
 Noah joked, “Trump thinks all women are puppets, that’s why he’s trying to 
stick his hand up them.”
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 All-white. Loved it. Beauty and the Beast. Or St. Hillary and the Dragon. 

 She did great. Can you imagine how hard it is to stand on a stage with this 
stooge Trump and attempt to make sense of what he rambles on about - especially 
when he gets into those areas (like foreign policy) that he knows nothing 
about? The guy is either rambling or he is making shit up. Somehow she finds 
the perfect balance between looking poised and calm, albeit a tad amused at 
times without the arrogance, and still being able to find a way to bring the 
debate around to issues and sense. It is a fine rope to walk.


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