Yep, the big shock to trump supporters, now that his campaign is over, is that 
his world no longer exists, and theirs doesn't either. For fifty years, he has 
been running on a mirage of bullying, easy money and treating women and 
non-white people like objects. The legion of ass kissers around trump have 
laughed at his every joke, nodded sagely and appreciatively whenever he flapped 
his gums, and told him what he wanted to hear, that he was practically a god, 
in his little gilded world. 

The worst part is that trump believed it. This unhealthy and clueless sex 
offender actually bought it. After all, it was his dramatic production, and a 
successful charade for half a century, before his spectacular and public 
self-destruction - his grand finale. Like a drunkard at a gala, shouting 
nonsense from the peak of an unsteady tower of chairs he has climbed atop of, 
before crashing loudly to the ground.  But actually the worst of all, is that 
he held out nothing for his supporters, just flailing around and screaming at 
the end, actually being booed by the people he has longed to cultivate. He has 
shown himself to be anything but a leader, leaving those who followed him, 
empty and frustrated. 

Sure, he blames everyone but himself. A 70 year old man as clueless as the day 
he was born, always leaving a trail of waste and outrage in his wake. Pitiable, 
and pathetic. He has done this country such a disservice. I am glad we 
collectively came to our senses regarding this puppet, twerp, and user of 
others. His name will live on, only as an insult regarding someone with no 
redeeming qualities, "Hey, quit being such a trump...". Fame, at last.

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Looks like all out war between Hillary and Julian Assange and Anonymous.

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