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 Unlike the snooze-fest that Doug attended, I was able to hobnob with not only 
Ed Malloy, Mayor of Fairfield, but His Magnificence, John Hagelin. It's good 
that FFL's power-wielding ├╝bermensches were able to attend both presentations 
and keep a finger on the pulse of the community, but clearly, I got the better 

 To hell with "local dignitary", I want to, henceforth, be known as "Her 

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 Yep, total snooze-fest. IMO, a better choice was in today's E-News from the 
local radio station:

"The Maharishi University of Management will hold a groundbreaking ceremony 
this afternoon at 3pm for its new 26 acre Regenerative Organic Agriculture 
Center. The property is just north of the Campus at 1916 Highway 1 North, next 
to the Reiff Grain Elevator.  
 A building on the property is being remodeled to house classrooms, offices, 
and a kitchen, along with an attached greenhouse.  Another building will be 
constructed to house a composting facility, with additional smaller buildings 
to store tools. 
 The Center will evolve in three stages. The renovation, composting facility 
and irrigation lines will be incorporated in the first stage, with the planting 
of nut groves and orchards and installing an irrigation pond encompassing the 
second. The third stage includes prairie and woodland restoration along with 
the installation of a larger irrigation pond. Students enrolled in the 10 month 
program will each have a quarter acre of land to manage according to their 
particular business plans.
 The groundbreaking ceremony will feature local dignitaries, a discussion of 
the design and a program overview. The public is invited to attend."

 God, one day I would love to be known as a "local dignitary".


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 Today In Fairfield there will be a
 meeting for a PhD candidate
 in the school of Vedic Studies
 at MUM to defend
 a thesis.  

 Should be insightful,

 Investigating the Therapeutic Effects of
 Reading the Vedic Literature.  
 Be sure to take some No-Doz with you.  
 Festival Hall
 Argiro Student Center
 Maharishi University of Management
 Fairfield, Iowa
 October 21, 2016

 Faculty, Students, and the general public are invited.   


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