There is a chain in the Bay Area named El Pollo Loco (the crazy chicken). I used to get food there when they had a Walnut Creek place.

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So I'm taking a walk with my wife and telling her this story, and tell her "Pollo Carbon", (several times) and she's not getting it, and she speaks Spanish, so finally she says, "spell it", and I do, and she says, "Pollyo" chicken. It is a "y" sound when there are two "l's"

Figures.  (-:

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Hey, you know what sign I saw today on my usual weekend run in the Hispanic part of town at a new restaurant, "Pollo Carbon"

I mean, it took me just a second to figure it out, but it made me smile.

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Well, if you didn't do it, and I didn't do it, then it seems only fair to restore his posting, which I just did. With any luck, he's just out on a BBQ bender, comatose on crispy snoots and sauce.

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No, I didn't do nothing around Steve 7Ray.

Maybe he did something in his own settings when he was saying he was leaving. I did notice he was at the receiving end of some demeaning personalized posting
that went beyond consideration of ccontent and he
said he had enough of that.

I always appreciated his content too.! 7Ray was perceptive and I miss him too.

List owner and moderator,
-Dug Jung Un

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He is still subscribed, but his posting has been disabled. Unfortunately, the stupid Yahoo interface is showing no record of his posting being yanked. All I know is that I had nothing to with this. My guess is that Doug pulled the plug, and a Yahoo glitch prevented the action from showing up in the moderator activity log. Questions should be directed to Doug: dhamiltony2k5 @

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Get back over here, Steve. I miss your posts.

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