Dear friends,

 As the year draws to a close and we look to the start of 2017, I notice that 
2018 will bring the 35th anniversary of the Taste of Utopia Assembly of 1983. I 
know there are many here with fond memories of that time (looking over the old 
photos the excitement is palpable! Also faces were younger back then... ;)

 For the anniversary I have been thinking of putting together a commemorative 
video to celebrate those days [the lead-up to Taste of Utopia, the course 
itself and generally the 1980s at MIU] and uploading it to youtube for all to 
enjoy. Obviously it is a huge task and has to fit in around work, so I am 
starting it well in advance.

 Sadly I have very few photographs from that time and so I thought maybe 
friends here could help me out with the raw materials! So if anybody has 
photographs, video, old brochures and magazines, yearbooks/lists of course 
participants, TTC photos from around the 70s and 80s, or even would like to 
send me written recollections of the time/get interviewed, I would be deeply 


 Also if anyone has a high-resolution photograph of the 7000 participants in 
front of the dome (I know there are low-res ones out there but I'd love to pan 
across it so the faces are visible) that would also be very good.


 If you can make contact with old friends and ask them too that would be very 


 Best regards,


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