If jyotish is not a good analogy, perhaps Elon Musk's ideas can be more 
convincing for the world as simulation.

 Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation 
 Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0KHiiTtt4w You may like playing The Sims, but 
Elon Musk says you are the Sim. Check out the full cartoon by Alvin Chang: 
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0KHiiTtt4w 
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 Jyotish proves nothing. When you compare a simulation with the reality it is 
mimicking, there are discrepancies, because a simulation has to fake certain 
things for expediency, the simulation lacks the detail of the reality.

 Jyotish tries to mimic the events in the world, but it is a very poor mimic. 
The world is not the simulation, Jyotish is.

 If the world itself is a simulation, we have nothing else with more detail to 
compare it with. So we cannot see the glitches or discrepancies with the 
greater reality.

 This is different from enlightenment versus ignorance, for here we are just 
correcting misperception and not comparing a world with a less detailed 
impression of it.

 You could of course posit that our misperception of reality represents a 
botched simulation of our inner and outer worlds.

 The discrepancies between what we think and what happens is often large.

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 Many people think that life in the world is a simulation.  The proof of this 
is the jyotish technique called Brighu Saral Paddhati which essentially shows 
the programming of our lives based on the planets in the jyotish chart.  See 
the article by Yuvraj Singh:

 Astrology Articles - Saptarishis Digital Astrology Magazine 
 Astrology Articles - Saptarishis Digital Astrology Magaz... 
http://saptarishisastrology.com/astrology_articles.php Saptarishis Astrology's 
mission is to be a publisher of useful and rare techniques of Vedic and Western 
astrlogy in the form of digital magazine and articles.

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 But I'm still hopeful of free will in our lives, especially if one meditates.  
Those who don't meditate IMO don't have a method to ease the pain  of karma, or 
transcend karma altogether.

 IOW, it is a scientific fact that light functions as a wave and a particle.  
But knowledge tells us that light is both.  It would be false to say that light 
functions as one or the other.



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 I'm not a believer at all in free will. Most research is leaning towards that 
it doesn't exist. But enjoy the show anyway and if you do you were 
"predestined" to.
 I think that we are all just playing out our parts in a great script that if 
really just based on a mathematical formula (or what would be one if math folks 
discovered it).  What happens if you meditate you come more into alignment with 
that force and you will be less disturbed by it.
 So stopping meditating won't change anything either except maybe the way you 
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   I really have no idea. Doesn't nature just do what it does anyway?
 Coming into alignment with nature would seem to mean that we do nothing, just 
get out of the way, and that would seem to be the way its always been. 
 That would mean TM would prevent people from interfering with the natural 
progression of things.
 Then it would seem nature can only be controlled by people who are not in 
accord with the laws of nature.
 So if you want to change what happens, stop meditating.

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   So for this thing to be whipped would mean the number of meditators that 
Doug thinks will keep this thing from losing would be gathered? How does he 
know how many would be sufficient?
 And then, what does "losing" mean in this context? It can't refer to one 
candidate or the other not winning the election, since Doug has declared all of 
TM-land to be neutral in that regard; Nature will make the choice for us, you 
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 It means people who practice meditation, probably Transcendental Meditation 
specifically, should meditate in clumps — together — and that presumably will 
effect the outcome of the election. 
 And that in his view, people are not doing this, and the result he desires 
will not come to pass.
 What if someone has the opposite desire and people gather and meditate so that 
specific desire is fulfilled?
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 Friends of meditating, we are 15 days out. The Presidential contest is close 
enough I'm feeling that if we don't whip this right now with meditating 
collectively in proximity we just might lose the whole thing.
 What the heck does this mean, Doug? I can't make any sense of it.
 As we know by experience and the science, numbers meditating and their 
proximity do matter in collective meditation.

 I would personally be grateful to you if you would join us now, join us in 
meditating in Fairfield, Iowa. 
 This is not a usual fight. People often fight for money or land and things but 
we are meditating for each other here. Come join us in this rare fight.  
 We could use your help. Come join with us now in a collective group of 
meditation, in Fairfield, Iowa! 
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 Meditators, I would personally be grateful to you if you would join us now, 
join us in meditating and at the Domes in Fairfield, Iowa. This is not a usual 
fight. People often fight for money or land and things but we are meditating 
for each other here. Come join us in this rare fight. -JaiGuruYou 
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 Inside of 18 days now.  The debates are past. People are deciding now how they 
are voting and some are early- voting now.  It is time now to certainly attend 
to meditation. 
 “These are the times which try human souls” 
 May All blessings and grace of the Unified Field be upon us now for the work 
in progress we now have at hand.  It is come the time for more meditation,  
 Fairfield Housing for Arriving Meditators: website at: 
 www.idealifeassembly.com http://www.idealifeassembly.com/ 
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 Peer-reviewed, published, replicated, honest-to-goodness, gold-standard 
scientific research leads us to make this heartfelt request to you: Come and 
join us in Fairfield for any number of days between Oct 12th and Nov 12th.
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 We're inside three weeks to the election. Days..
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 Today we are now at 35 days and tomorrow, this Tuesday, is one month before 
the general election for the United States of America President, and what then 
will become the complexion of governance of our USA.   
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 We ask your help to be with us now in a meditation of coherence.  Come now.  
Come quickly and assemble. There is ample housing and stores of plenty here to 
keep you here.  Certainly it is up to you to assemble.  
 You might stay at home alone in a comfort of your house and room but never 
will you be able to do so great a thing as to assemble with this now.  Come 
quickly as you can, come now to Fairfield, Iowa for the enhancement of a 
collective peace in meditation. Arrange your affairs quickly and come directly. 
 In numbers gathered close it will be our great honor and privilege to be 
meditating together with you alongside. Come join in the collective practice of 
group meditation. We flatter ourselves, therefore, that, in this case, too, 
nothing will be wanting which the World has a right to expect of your valor. It 
is time to assemble in collective meditation.    
 Jai Guru You!  -Doug in Fairfield, Iowa   
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 37 Days to the Presidential Election.. 

 Meditators, Brothers and Sisters in Eternity, Shake your souls! AWAKE! An hour 
so long waiting for has come. Over a dark firmament of suffering Humanity is 
rising the Morning Star, heralding the day when we will understand that 
people’s most sacred duty is to be Human - that is, to manifest LIFE, 
INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH and LOVE. There is no higher aim, no vaster problem, and 
you who realize this will break the fetters with which Ignorance & Fear have 
bound unconscious Humanity, will stand up free, and know yourselves to be the 
Eternal Manifestation of the Unmanifest, Witnesses of the Absolute, Sons and 
Daughters of that GREAT ALL, whom you call GOD the Unified Field. 


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 43 Days to the Election.
 Maintain your core,
 Be of Service to all and Rally Now,  
 to Meditation!

 By our reference of our own experience as transcendentalists and by what is 
modern science, it is quite time now to assemble ourselves collectively by 
coming together with other meditators. 
 -Jai Guru You

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 Friends, Meditationists;  
 As you know, the research (really strong research) shows that meditators and 
Sidhas doing their TM-Sidhi® program in numbers and in proximity together in a 
group create coherence in the nationwide field of consciousness. It’s the most 
statistically valid research in all of the social sciences. Now is a moment in 
our lives when we need to take advantage of this special piece of information, 
which somehow has devolved upon us, to do something vital for our nation, our 
families, and ourselves.

 45 Days to the Election..

 Contact and report to staff locally in Fairfield for accommodations. 
 Fairfield Housing for Arriving Meditators: website at: 
 Home http://www.idealifeassembly.com/ 
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