Hi Friends
 Amalia Spescha-Bright is recovering from a bad fall at her home.  She is at 
Jefferson County Hospital and would appreciate visitors!  Just check in with 
the nursing station first.
 All blessings,

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 Dear friends,

 I think everyone who has talked to or been with James (Bill) the last few days 
would agree that it's been very special. He radiates love and happiness and 
declares repeatedly 'God, God, it's all God and don't you forget it!' Whether 
it's a​friend he's known for decades, the nurse arriving to take blood or the 
man serving him his food, he's expressing his love of God and blessing everyone 
and they respond with appreciation.

 He really loves all the calls he's received, they've really meant alot to him.


 Cody, the therapy dog, visited James today and they became immediate friends. 
(See pic)

 James' 3 hour biopsy surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, at 12:20 pm - 
will keep you updated


 ​  With love​


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 Your prayers and healing attention appreciated for our friend, James Duke…
 From Marsha:

 Just back from the hospital. Can you let everyone know that James has a brain 
tumor and they're doing a biopsy surgerytomorrow morning at 11:15 central time 
so all prayers and blessings during that time is appreciated.

 This could actually be good news because it could mean that once the tumor is 
shrunk or removed, it may relieve some of the debilitating symptoms he's been 

 Several people visited today and he was really full of gratitude for 
everyone's love and attention.

 Lots of love



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