Peter, you asked me (again) to reply to your pointing out these
examples (which I did ask for, and I thank you for your response.)

I thought I did respond -- saying you see anger in words -- in a
person you don't know and know nothing about -- when all I can report
that the subjective experience and motivation for the post had no
anger involved. 

Its like your analogy: Its raining outside, I have ben walking for
hours in the rain and am dranched, and you say I am as dry as can be. 

How can one continue to carry on such a convo.

Well, I will try. Please bear with me and thoughtful consider my
points without any overlays as to where I am coming from. Listen
first, then later draw conclusions.

First, it appears that you agree that your criticism was a bit
excessive. "...replete with rage and hostility". 

PS: "Yeah, '...replete with rage and hostility' is a bit of
rhetorical excess (satire?). 

Second, I have made clear distincions between satire -- listing four
positive characteristics I find in it -- and sarcasm. To me they ae
disticnt spaces. You may be coming towards a similar view, but
currently you appear to be mixing the two up a bit in your criticisms.

I have addressed the point of the satire in a number of posts. Have
you read them? My point was, that I find some humor in the irony (from
my POV) of someone saying Brahman is seeing through their eyes and
writing through their fingers -- and then soon thereafter unloads on
some group of posters telling them to "walk the long or short plank
and suck eggs." I laughed hard at that. 

That I laughed is what it is. Call my sense of humor different than
yours, call it warped, call it whatever. Thats a basis for discussion.
But its not that one has too much control over what they find funny.
With education, with experieice, hopefully it gets refined. But I saw
10 seconds of 3 stooges today and it still made me chuckle, just like
whn I was 8 years old.

My motive for creating the following post was a bit of an homage. I
had created a folder "Brahman" speaks -- to capture such great quotes
as they popped up. Rick asked me to "bury" that in the Index file.
Probably a good idea organizationally. But I hated to see that great
quote "die" -- be buried.

And for several days, I did have this image of that quote above an
imagined elaborate, much gold and all, alter. It was a quite funny
image to me. No anger, some things are just funny because of the irony
they uncover. Its like asking what are/were Voltaire, Swift, Mark
Twain, John Stewart (The Daily Show), Mad TV, SNL, the Onion all angry
about. is like a nonsensical question. While anger can play a part in
satire, often it does not. It is often a light to highlight irony, in
a gentle way. Or it can be a bit harsh at times - but still gentler
than direct confrontation.

So, in anticipation of deep sixing the "Brahman Talks" folder, a
"rift" - like a guitar rift, began to play in my head. I wrote it
down. I laughed. I posted it. I hoped others might laugh. 

It was not sarcastic (see other posts on sarcasm) it was not intended
to mean-spirited. It simply was a quick rift uncovering some irony and
paradox -- that brought a chuckle. Tome that is a good thing. 

It may not be great satire. Not much here is. But there are many stabs
in the dark at it, by at least several writers, and I enjoy making
such attempts to similtaneously spotlight paradox while drawing a
laugh. Its part of my story telling style -- to use unc's campfire
analogy. And if you don't care for it, move on to the next post. Or as
Barry would tell you to do, i wouldn't, "go take a flying fuck" (which
sounds fun actually)

I hope this satisfies your request for a serious response.

--- In, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The following is another post that is replete with
> rage and hostility.
> --- braaahmaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I am inspired by your recent posts Tom. To know that
> > it is BRAHMAN --
> > the totality of wholenss of all creation,
> > non-creation and ALL That
> > which is neither -- seeing through Tom's eyes,  and
> > that BRAHAMAN who
> > is typing these "*your*" posts on FFL is so
> > mystically exalting, all
> > the hairs on my body are standing on end. 
> > 
> >
> > The writer looking out through these eyes is that
> > Brahman.
> > 
> > On my alter, both internal and external, with all
> > gratitude and
> > offerings to Saraswati -- Goddess of Knowledge, to
> > Laksmi -- Godess of
> > structure that brings Wholenss, to Tara, Swami
> > Brahmananda Saraswati,
> > to the sweet Jesus the Christ, to Yogananda, to
> > Ananda Moya Ma, the
> > River of Compassion, to Ramakrishna, to many if not
> > all Aghoris,
> > Naths, Saivaite, Sufi, Vaisnava, Tibetian Buddhist
> > saints, scholars,
> > lamas, ripoches, shamans -- I have added  Brahaman
> > as reflected
> > through Tom. One of your greatest quotes is embedded
> > in Pure Gold
> > above my alter: 
> > 
> >
> > From my side they can take a long walk off a short
> > dock or suck eggs
> > whichever seems most appropriate.
> > 
> > The depth of wisdom and compassion flowing from
> > Brahaman, who is YOU,
> > through your fingers, thrill my very being.
> > 
> > All gratitidue.
> > 
> > Braaahmaan
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
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