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 How many have blocked you so far?  Along with Barry, I can count at least 4, 
and I’m not really sure how many, if any, have deleted me on account of the 
election except for MJ and salyavin. 

 I don't know who Salyavin is on FB and I'm not his friend (he likes to pretend 
he is above FB, plus he dislikes me intensely) and I haven't checked to see if 
MJ has blocked me but that music teacher guy did (Paul Jones). Rory got pissed 
at me and someone called Angela Mailander and I get into some fisticuffs - the 
intellectual snobbola that she is - as well as bawee who thought I was stalking 
him because I called him out on some bullshit he posted about Robin. Oh, and 
then there was a woman from the old Robin days who is this fundy Catholic 
hypocrite whose sons thought they better protect her from me and blocked me on 
her behalf. It is quite a hoot, as the Canadians like to say. Apparently I am 
some sort of menace that threatens their status quo. 


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 Perfect, though I would question the label for Trump of 'climate denialist', 
in favor of something like, 'raging, insecure, antisocial sex offender, with a 
desire to destroy the world...'. It is a great cartoon, though there is nothing 
funny about that ignorant, mean, ungracious criminal.

 You are correct. But this is really perfect for me because I have been 
blocked, ostracized, criticized and ranted at by many FB posters from FFL who 
fit this cartoon brilliantly. They're the ones who think Putin is a great 
leader because he "has banned GMO's" in his country  and has "avoided WWIII 
twice" and that that silly Jill Stein (a severely inadequate and goofy Green 
Party candidate compared to Canada's Elizabeth May) somehow is "the answer". It 
boggles the mind.


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