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 The Trump faction and all the Hillary-haters sure will try to make it sound 
like that. But it's almost certainly yet another nothingburger. 

 A few facts not available on Drudge:

 --The FBI hasn't read the emails yet. They have to get a court order first. So 
they have no idea what's in them.

 --The investigation that was completed in July has not been "reopened."

 --The emails have nothing to do with Wikileaks or the Russian hackers.

 --According to a senior law enforcement official, there are no indications 
that these emails were withheld by Clinton, her campaign, or the State 

 --There are apparently no emails *from* Clinton; they're from Huma Abedin *to* 

 Thanks for clarifying what people like Mike are too lazy and knee-jerk in 
their jumping to wild conclusions to take the time to understand. He's like a 
typical Trump-like supporter (even thought he says he's not) who hear something 
and it becomes a steady chant in their heads "lock her up, lock her up" and 
their glassy eyes stare unseeing into the distance.




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 Looks like the fit is hitting the shan!
 October surprise 

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