Did Barry draw the cartoon? This is what he accuses people of. He did the other day and I got a good laugh out of it. Like Judy he doesn't like competition from other alpha people (psst! there are plenty of alpha people here).

Now tell me where did I say Trump would win? I said that there have been political analysts not of any persuasion for months discussing Trump's popularity. They have also discussed why people dislike Hillary (including people voting for her). I would also say that between Trump and Sanders the latter would have won if the campaign could overcome a supposed "stigma" of what Social Democracy means (hint: not communism). Also Trump supporters would have probably voted Sanders because of Trumps crudeness and that Bernie stands for a lot of the same issues as the Donald.

Of course it didn't miss my attention that the new Comey stuff came out yesterday, a Friday. Always known that when bad news is to be released do it on a Friday as the "great unwashed" won't be paying attention.

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This cartoon from yesterday is perfect for Bhairitu’s nonsense and constant twisting in the wind, just replace FB with FFL. He still thinks Trump is going to somehow magically pull it off? Incredible.

I wonder how you get to such an advanced state of denial.


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Remember, folks, Bhairitu is the knowledgeable, objective political expert who insists *to this day*--in the face of hard, unimpeachable evidence to the contrary--that Clinton invented the term "alt right" and that it refers to "alternative media" rather than a fringe political movement.

Clearly, we should take his opinion about who will win the election with the utmost seriousness.

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The stuff you're smoking will soon become legal in California.:-D

Not that I'm any Trump fan.
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    It is genuinely hard for me to believe that there are people out
    there who think trump is going to win. Astonishing. Pissing into
    the wind.

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    Just to reiterate: The FBIdoesn't yet knowwhat's in the emails.
    They have to get a court order before they can read them. It's
    entirely possible that some or all of the emails are duplicates
    of those already in the FBI's possession from other sources.

    When the Clinton haters--Trump and his minions and Republicans
    like Ryan andChaffetz--claim the FBI must have found sensational
    emails proving Clinton's guilt or they wouldn't have made this
    announcement so close to the election, they are not telling the

    <mailto:olliesedwuz@...>wrote :

    as usual, it is a yawn - HRC says get it all out in the open. Why
    should she care? She doesn't hide her taxes, or suggest grabbing
    someone's genitals. Compared to that orange sex offender and tax
    cheat, she comes across like a saint.

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    Looks like the fit is hitting the shan!
    October surprise

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