You sure waste a lot of time on this. Don't you have anything better to do in your life? I read and listen to many professional political pundits during the week so I don't need to read any amateur stuff.

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Bhairitu, you should avoid using the word "obviously" when you really don't know what you're talking about. In this case, you're stuck in standard patterns and unable to adjust your perspective to get a handle on novel situations.

Yes, of course I know about news dumps taking place on Friday in the hope that they'll attract less attention from the media and the public.

This was an exception in two ways, as I explained and you ignored. Comey wanted to get the information out ASAP (it was leaked, but he knew it would be leaked immediately after he sent the letter to the GOP leaders). He couldn't have done it sooner than Friday because he himself only got the information on Thursday. He didn't want to do it later because he wanted it out in time for the Sunday talk shows. Had nothing to do with a traditional Friday news dump. You didn't know about Comey getting the information himself only the day before because you didn't bother to pay attention to the details; you were more interested in sounding knowledgeable and being able to tell readers something you (mistakenly) assumed they didn't know.

The second way it was an exception is that even when released on a Friday, a piece of really sensational news will get massive attention from the media, as this did. The media had been thirsting for an "October surprise" that would turn the election back int! o a horse race, and this beautifully filled the bill. They didn't care that it was a Friday; they went all-out. And you can see from the flood of comments from officials and political figures that they picked up on it right away, Friday or no Friday.

Actually, there's a third reason this was an exception: This close to an election, folks are paying much closer attention to the news no matter when it comes out. And this will still be hot when Monday comes around, so it won't be neglected at the water cooler.

Comey's not a fool. He was well aware of what would happen, and he knew the fact that it was Friday wouldn't make enough difference to matter.

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    Of course it didn't miss my attention that the new Comey stuff
    came out yesterday, a Friday. Always known that when bad news is
    to be released do it on a Friday as the "great unwashed" won't be
    paying attention.

    Actually, any of the "great unwashed" who watched television,
    listened to the radio, or read a newspaper or a Web site on
    Friday would have found out about Comey's ratf**k, because it
    made headlines everywhere.

    And if Bhairitu had been paying attention, he'd know that Comey
    didn't find out about the emails until he was briefed on
    Thursday--hence the announcement the very next day. Comey wanted
    to get the news out as soon as possible so it would have the
    maximum negative effect on Clinton's campaign--including, of
    course, dominating all the Sunday talk shows ("Meet the Press,"

    Obviously Judy doesn't know that political analysts and
    journalists will tell you that news released on Friday doesn't get
    discussed like it does earlier in the week.  That's why news that
    might stir controversy is often released on Friday.  And no, Judy,
    the public doesn't always tune into the news on Friday like they
    do earlier in the week.  Nor will they have a chance for a water
    cooler discussion.  Try living on earth for a change.

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