Guilty of what? Wearing white after Labor Day? This meme that she is some sort 
of career criminal is ludicrous. Yes, it will be a landslide win.
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 She may win the election, but probably not by a landslide, as you claim. The 
question is, how long will she be in office before she gets an indictment. 
Others have been prosecuted and found guilty of much less. Laws are for the 
little people, right?
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 Sure. HRC will win the election in a landslide in a little over a week. The 
rest is noise. You're welcome.
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 The question is, why were the devices killed by the FBI. Obviously nobody can 
get any data from a computer that has been wrecked. Apparently the FBI has made 
a very grave mistake and now the evidence has been destroyed. 

Can anyone figure this out?
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 ... why exactly were they sharing devices?
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