He’s been doing that a lot lately.  "Observers would not that we “  "It mostly 
all just joshing” 
And the other day, “the Sanders,” probably my personal fave so far.

Clearly, the election is getting to Bhairitu in ways he’s probably not even 
aware of.


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"Whhat we haave here......."

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Observers would not that we have a group here who can dish it out but can't 
seem to take the "back at ya's".  It mostly all just joshing anyway.

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> It would seem that some people are more susceptible to running with baited 
> hooks than others.  Certainly that is why Yahoo-groups does have some 
> guidelines for civil discourse in its groups.   
> I felt there was some fair advice offered by one of our authors here in one 
> of these recent mundane political threads which then even its author proved 
> unable to follow descending beyond the simple spiritual consideration of 
> content into the belittling name-calling of others on the forum.  
> ..is out of control again. It's happened before. If the moderator won't stop 
> him, the rest of us should maybe just quit posting for awhile and leave him 
> here alone until he calms down, or (hopefully) goes somewhere else. He has 
> some kind of compulsion to ruin the forum when he's in a manic phase, and he 
> will if we let him.
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> as usual, it is a yawn - HRC says get it all out in the open. Why should she 
> care? She doesn't hide her taxes, or suggest grabbing someone's genitals. 
> Compared to that orange sex offender and tax cheat, she comes across like a 
> saint. 
> True enough. This is all part and parcel of the same old, same old. The 
> timing sucks but it will all amount to a hill of beans. Drumpf was having an 
> orgasm (hideous image) while gloating all over the non-fact that Hillary is 
> crooked and his demented crowd were in a lather yelling "Lock her up" in a 
> kind of rabid frenzy. But I think this is, as they say, a nothing burger. 
> We'll all see. The FBI are just covering their asses so they are not accused 
> of non-transparency in case there is actually something implicating Hillary 
> in Small Weiner's emails.
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> Looks like the fit is hitting the shan!
> October surprise 

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