It absolutely calls into question the caliber of the people the DMC hired to 
keep communications safe.  That the most basic of phishing expeditions could 
have resulted in this massive and embarrassing hack is remarkable. 

 Probably the only thing more remarkable is the fact that the right wing 
"Patriots" are completely silent about the fact that is was orchestrated by 
Russia, or that a foreign government is meddling in our internal issues to the 
extent they are, or that this same foreign government is threatening military 
action if the candidate they favor is not elected.

 What the fuck is going on!


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 It looks like a whole team of IT experts fell for it:

How Podesta's Gmail Account Was Breached
 How Podesta's Gmail Account Was Breached 
OCTOBER 28--So how did John Podesta’s e-mail account get hacked? The answer to 
that question came into embarrassing focus this morning with th...

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 Worlds greatest idiots #1 and #2 

 Who here has fallen for the "Quick, change you passwork. You are vulnerable", 
at least in the past five years? 



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