Oh, forgot to add: 

 Note to Doug, per your recent diktat: I'm making this post because I believe 
attempts to mislead and deceive, such as in the post I'm responding to, are 
spiritually harmful, not just to the people who read them but also to the 
person who posts them. We would all be much better off spiritually if we 
refrained from making such attempts and instead did our best to stick to the 
 (Doug will soon delete this post, as he has deleted several others of my 
recent posts that, for the reasons stated above, corrected false and/or 
misleading information.) 
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 The DNC doesn't have the emails; Clinton doesn't have the emails; her campaign 
doesn't have the emails; Abedin doesn't have the emails. 

 The FBI has the emails. They're the only ones who can release the emails.

 So as you know, what you're suggesting makes no sense.



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 The DNC attack on Comey smacks of desperation. If the emails are important, 
why not just release them - why do they have to come from the FBI? 

In order to be transparent, you've got to be transparent, right?


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