Huma Abedin told the FBI that she gave all her emails and devices to the FBI, 
so the emails on Wiener's computer are probably duplicates of mail she sent to 
Hillary's home-brew server. 

The question is, why didn't she tell the FBI that there were 650,000 emails on 
Wiener's laptop?
If there are any emails that contain State Dept. confidential or top secret 
information, both Abedin and Anthony may do some jail time, right? 

I would like to be there when Donald Trump says: "You're fired!" Obviously it's 
a conspiracy to withhold information in an FBI investigation. I'm telling you, 
it's a Potemkin village all the way down.
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 The DNC doesn't have the emails; Clinton doesn't have the emails; her campaign 
doesn't have the emails; Abedin doesn't have the emails. 

 The FBI has the emails. They're the only ones who can release the emails.

 So as you know, what you're suggesting makes no sense.

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 The DNC attack on Comey smacks of desperation. If the emails are important, 
why not just release them - why do they have to come from the FBI? 

In order to be transparent, you've got to be transparent, right?

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