Bhairitu, there is no "central computer" that tabulates all the votes across 
the country. There are only state systems (many different types). Common sense 
should tell you that. The popular vote doesn't decide the election, the 
electoral vote system, state by state, does. If this lady is telling you 
otherwise, she's full of it. 



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 Listen to the interview.  It's not just one state.
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   The central computer for which state?
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 Bev Harris of Black Box Voting (up in your area) was interviewed in the second 
hour this morning on  She had some interesting things to say 
including that a developer found the key for the central computer that 
tabulates the votes which allows it to cap votes and control the results.  
Check it out.
 On 10/31/2016 11:16 AM, ultrarishi wrote:
   It's amazing how much the Internet has become part of this election cycle.  
The biggest take away from this is how ill prepared and ignorant the key 
players in this cluster fuck have been.  Trump is obviously oblivious to the 
"cyber" world is knows jack shit.  Hillary on the one hand benefits from leaks 
while at the same time condemning Snowden in the past and Assange and Wikileaks 
presently.  She, Podesta, Wasserman-Shultz and DNC all need to spend a weekend 
workshop in how to use Lastpass, VPN's and not use gmail, for God's Sake.
 I held my nose and voted for Hillary since she's pretending to be Bernie-Lite. 
 Of the 2 candidates she is the least offensive, but my hopes for real change 
are pretty darn low.  She doesn't listen.
 Every day I fight with my family and friends about internet security while the 
marvel at all the new IoT devices and phone apps that are grooming them for a 
big rip off.  It must be doubly hard to do this politicians and their big egos 
and arrogance.



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