Current scientific findings show that nothing in this world is for real.  
Everything is a simulation.



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 “Pass through the Yahoo-goup”??  How does one do that, exactly?  Turn into a 
mass of pixels? 

 You and Bhairitu definitely need a few days off.


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 Some number of spiritual seekers have come to Fairfield, Iowa in seeking help. 
There can be quite a lot of help here for many. Some number of folks also pass 
through the Yahoo-group FairfieldLife looking for help on their way to 
Fairfield, Iowa. -JaiGuruYou  

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 What moved me to post here was to get some spiritual help. Someone, anyone, 
please help me. I NEED SOME SPIRITUAL HELP. For God's sake! Thanks.
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 In posting content to FairfieldLife, a Spiritual yahoo-group, do explain 
yourself including a brief note at the least, about why you are sharing what 
you are threading on to FFL, a spiritual yahoo-group. Including maybe what 
moved you spiritually, that something is spiritually well designed, or that 
something could solve a spiritual problem of the audience here. -JaiGuruYou


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