We have learnt some things here by experience and
 by the best of science we know that we can be of great communal service 
meditating regularly and then of even greater service coming together to 
meditate in proximity. Brahmananda Saraswati urged in his time too to keep the 
company of saints, for good reasons. 

 Even newspaper opinion pages from today, paraphrasing: “There’s no sense 
complaining anymore. The hurricane is three days from landfall. The urgent 
thing (spiritual as we should see it) now is to avert the worst, minimize the 
damage, save the foundations, clear what mess there is, and move forward.”


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 Various friends who are TM teachers, and family where I live are attempting to 
meditate etc., according to the published schedule. I went to a group 
meditation yesterday. Group meditations are rare where I live. I do not however 
do the TM-Sidhi program which for me self-destructed decades ago and seems 
totally incompatible with my nervous system now. I have almost always liked to 
meditate alone except for family. According to the teacher that did the group 
check yesterday, there are a few people naturally like that. Group practice 
does not influence my experience at all, although interestingly, it did many, 
many years ago.

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 Meditators, Our time has come now to Mobilize for collective coherence. 
Friends, in pursuit of a more lasting peace on earth we are moving forward 
towards bringing light to darkness. Do not abandon the Field. Nay rather come 
sit up, meditate and radiate that great coherence so evident in the Unified 
Field with us all. We are all in this together. 

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 Make this our determination known to all meditators of the movement; prepare 
the meditators for what work is now to ensue. It is time to take our light over 
the trenches of dark ignorance. 
 In Fairfield, Iowa we go in meditating at dawn's nautical twilight and again 
at sun's set. 
 Be there with us.


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-Knowers of truth have both a blessing and a responsibility. Try to take it on 
in a spirit of gratitude..of thanksgiving. Take on the responsibility gladly, 
with a joyful heart,knowing that we all can be an influence of and for good in 
the world. And if you are not there yet,not feeling grateful yet, do it any 
way-being grateful and giving praise opens channels for the cosmic life force 
to reach us; for support of nature to come to us..for the spirit to fill our 

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 There are those who may be considered complacent in so far as they know the 
value of group practice and yet do not go to the dome. 

 Even a brief look back at the sacrifices previous generations made for our 
country would give us pause when we see we have become complacent in our duty.  


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 By e-mail to FFL:

 The communal call to meditate;
Maharishi, the movement, MUM have given us so much. -Recently the October 
Surprise, an unprecedented gift of inestimable value.   We must ask 
ourselves,"Is it too much to ask?"


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 Inside of one week to go now.  
 Had we a general who marches, meditates and would eat alongside us to be seen 
leading us from the front, these would be our orders for waging this peace 
campaign, orders we should have  e-mailed directly to every meditator’s 
electronic device: tablet, cellphone or laptop..:  


 General Orders: Meditators our campaigning is not over, as meditators we will 
move forward from here. A laying-down rest is not to be taken now but sit up 
and take watch in restful alertness and consolidate what gains we have made, 
secure our lines of supply, concentrate support of all our allies and all the 
laws of Nature in to our ranks. Together we will be moving forward in 
 Plan now on when you are going to do your next meditation. Our numbers and our 
proximity in meditation are our strength. Set a time in your day now in 
synchrony with the whole group. Picket against that sin that will draw and take 
you away from the group and skirmish aggressively against the counter-attack of 
all that is spiritually ignorant in the nay-sayer's sap. Attend to the group 
and meditate with discipline. Now is not the time to sleep. Stay alert and stay 
close. This we ask of you and all will be taken care of.

 With less than only seven Days now to prepare our Selves finally for what is 
coming maintain your good discipline of coherent meditation up to the end and 
let no able meditator break from our ranks now. We meditate together at 7:30am 
and 5pm CST. 

 There should be no skulking and no standing this one out; but for a better 
world we do this now: "Come sit here and take this flower..." For Heaven's sake 
even in this world, Om Shanti! Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu... ! Om 
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. For whether pure or impure or whether purity or 
impurity is permeating everywhere who soever opens themselves to this expanded 
vision of inner awareness gains inner and outer purity. Be attentive. Sit up 
and Be with us in meditation.

 -Jai Guru You

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  Tomorrow, Tuesday marks one week un to Election Day.

 Is it too much to ask?

 Remember, "Ask not what your country (community) can do for you. Ask what you 
can do for your country (community)"

Is it too much to ask for so many good reasons that those of us who do know 
better come together, sit down now and collectively meditate? 

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 The Fairfield Meditating Community:

 We are a group of people who have come together and created a community for a 
transcendentally important common purpose, which of course is to practice the 
Transcendental Meditation program and the TM-Sidhi program together as a group, 
for the sake of bringing coherence to national and world consciousness based on 
balancing labor and leisure to meditate while working together for the benefit 
of the community. Our Super-Radiance meditating community includes families of 
all the TM-Meditators and TM-Sidhas in the Fairfield, Vedic City and Jefferson 
County area.


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 Even back in 1965 Maharishi said we are ‘duty-bound’ to come to the collective 
of group meditation because of what we can do for good in the world with what 
we know.

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 There is time yet to help out here in larger ways.


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 Inside of 10 days now un to Election Day.

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 It wasn't Shaming when John F Kennedy said " Ask not what your country can do 
for you; ask what you can do for your country." yes,  his then was a higher 
order in thinking, a deeper calling. A higher order like with the call now to 

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 More by e-mail to FFL on spiritual complacency.. 

 I agree that there is a moral obligation to attend the dome as often as one 
can-and especially when we need it most- 

There are those who could go who choose not to.There are those who have the 
time and wherewithal that decide to do other things at group practice 
times.There are those who may be considered complacent in so far as they know 
the value of group practice and yet do not go to the dome. 

 Even a brief look back at the sacrifices previous generations made for our 
country would give us pause when we see we have become complacent in our duty.  


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 From mail:   "Yes! And no shaming. but people must learn that they do have a 
responsibility-even a moral obligation- to do what they can, where they are, 
with what they have [-Teddy Roosevelt] "

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 Two weeks out from Election Day.

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 Om, complacency. One could construct that in the being of human spirituality 
there are certainly things we do in life that enhance spiritual well-being 
either individually or collectively and then other things we may do that 
degrade spiritual well-being.  On these terms we could say there is that which 
is 'virtuous', enhancing spiritual well-being and then the spiritually 'sinful' 
which detract from it.  

 Given what science is now correlating (or) some of what is our direct 
experience, for those who actually practice meditation and are experienced at 
it, this could well be said (constructed) that complacency in attending to 
meditation either individually or at the collective meditation is sinful in 
these terms. 
 It could well be constructed that in the least, the complacent position on 
meditation is just some ignorance of the science or some lack of discipline in 
practice and experience as these manifest and not sinning necessarily like in 
the sense of the religious jurisdiction of a Sharia law or a Papal inquisition. 
 We are just talking the spiritual here, like in the experience of 
transcendentalism here.  

 But then, in this construction when it might come to further considering those 
who would be false apostates out on the internet actively denying the science 
of meditation and even working at derailing those evident good works of 
meditation and its collective practice theirs under this spiritual construction 
would certainly become a moral failing simple, above the complacent, a type of 
serious crime against humanity's spirituality more than just misdemeanor, but 
rising to that of felony crime against humanity. [ ] 
  .. constructing the indictment.   -JaiGuruYou   


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 I agree.

 "The term moral obligation has a number of meanings in moral philosophy, in 
religion, and in layman's terms. Generally speaking, when someone says of an 
act that it is a 'moral obligation,' they refer to a belief that the act is one 
prescribed by their set of values."

 People, even in the uniform world of a particular belief system have different 

 Perhaps some of these we are born with, and some cultural, some indoctrinated.

 People who learn TM have a reason to learn, and even if they stick with the 
meditation, they may not share the values the TM movement holds dear, or 
believe everything the TM movement thinks they should.

 If consciousness is the ultimate reality, then it already permeates everything 
("infinity at every point"), everything is in its grip so meditating should not 
have any wide ranging effect but would be local with the organism, a person 
might be calmer.

 The evidence of wide ranging effects of meditation is not very convincing, and 
personal belief and spiritual hype is not evidence of efficacy. 

 Meditators and non-meditators hold widely divergent views. People who want 
Hillary for US President say it is a moral obligation to vote for her. The same 
for those who want Trump for President, a moral obligation to vote for him.

 And then there is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, who also have supporters with 
different values.

 Meditation does not seem to alter these kinds of preferences, although the 
cultural environment of the TM movement might have an influence on some people, 
or their church and so on.

 Is it a moral obligation for you, whoever you are, to behave in the way I 
think you should? If you do, then by all means contact me and I will tell you 
what to do.

 After all, I am an Archon Angel sent here for just this purpose.

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 To: FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com 
 Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 4:33 PM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Call to Spiritual Order,Rally Now to 
   When someone tells me it is my "moral obligation" to do something, I reach 
for my revolver. Enough of such pontificating! If you want to go the dome and 
enjoy it, then by all means go, but don't be browbeaten by the "moral 
obligation" police. 


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 By e-mail to FFL,   "I agree.I also think it is ok to suggest to all 
meditators, meditators and all of old TM teachers, governors, Re-cert teachers, 
sidhas, old MIU alumni, MUM, MSAE, old Purusha and Mother Divine alumni, 
 that there is a moral obligation to attend the group meditations and dome as 
often as they can-and especially when we need it most." ..
 Let me apprise you, then: we intend, in spite of the rules of war, to attack 
this with meditation, this which appears nearly twice and a hundred times our 
strength, wherever we find it. The question is not of their numbers or the 
strength of their agitations or material position; all this by courage, by the 
skill of our methods, we will try to make good. This step we must ask, or 
everything is lost. We must beat back the chaos, the commotion of these times, 
or perish all of us before its batteries.

 So we read the case; so we will act in it.  It is time to collectively rally 
to meditation for all that we hold dear. There is good in life. We must risk 
everything now.  

 We ask your help to be with us now in a meditation of coherence.  Come now.  
Come quickly and assemble. There is ample housing and stores of plenty here to 
keep you here.  Certainly it is up to you to assemble.  

 You might stay at home alone in a comfort of your room but never will you be 
able to do so great a thing as to assemble with this now.  Come quickly as you 
can, come now to Fairfield, Iowa for the enhancement of a collective peace in 
meditation. Arrange your affairs quickly and come directly.

 In numbers gathered close it will be our great honor and privilege to be 
meditating together with you alongside. Come join in the collective practice of 
group meditation. We flatter ourselves, therefore, that, in this case, too, 
nothing will be wanting which the Community has a right to expect of your 
valor. It is time to assemble in collective meditation.    
Jai Guru You!  -Doug in Fairfield, Iowa  

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