We'll see how Trump handles the presidency.  By looks of it, Wall Street 
appears to be reacting positively with him at the helm--at least so far.  And 
if ISIS is defeated in Mosul, the Americans will be rejoicing.  But how is he 
going to make Mexico pay for the construction of the Border Wall?
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 They are probably cheering because a woman failed to succeed in achieving 

 Many of them would rather die to a man's decision than live according to a 
woman's dication.

 Not saying it's a good philosophy, just what it is.

 Moreover, I don't know that Trump is going to commit mass forces.  The current 
strategy in SOCOM (special operations command) is to commit small units to 
train foreign units worldwide and let them clean up the mess for us.  High 
ranking officers know this.  It's efficient economically, and avoids mass 
troops being sent, which is what really costs a lot of money.  As long as Trump 
listens to senior advisors, we'll all be fine.  But if his individualism and 
arrogance gets the best of him, he might make drastic decisions only for the 
sake of pacifying public opinion.


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