You don’t have a Dome badge ID? A No-Badge-Nik meditator?  Yes that is a 
chronic exclusionary problem too from some 36 years of an old administration 
now around 'inclusion' here in Fairfield, Iowa for meditators generally and 
numbers who have old relationship to MMY and the movement. 
 This lecture could have been interesting and open to anyone really. There was 
nothing particularly proprietary in it. Having made these campus meetings more 
exclusive leaves a lot more meditators out in town than up there in the lecture 
hall attending listening to them. Seems a lost opportunity for as good as this 
lecture along with were some other presentations too for what was put into them 
by the presenters. 

---In, <> wrote :

 Thx for posting the topic headings.  Due to not having a Sidha ID or Dome 
Badge, I will be unable to attend any of these lectures.  Therefore, I'm 
counting on you to check them out and provide a brief summary of them 
(especially the one on the Divine Feminine).  In 140 characters or less, what 
is the essential message of this lecture?

 Some of the lectures I can quickly dismiss as having unlikely outcomes. For 
example, on the Global Raam, the world already has Bitcoins.

 What does the lecturer mean by "Divine Feminine".  Is this an allusion to 
Durga, (the Divine Mother)?


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