Feeding 9 Billion: Turning the Desert Green: Qatar is trying to solve problems 
for desert people worldwide.  

Petroleum-rich Qatar is spearheading projects to tackle the problems facing 
desert communities worldwide; from energy to fresh water and food production. 
But does their expensive, high-tech solution make sense?

"Qatar in many ways is ground zero for a lot of the challenges we're going to 
see in the century ahead", argues US ex-pat Jonathan Smith, from the Qatar 
National Food Program. Soaring temperatures, swelling populations and minimal 
rainfall plague the otherwise booming nation. Now its leaders are pushing 
ambitious experiments like the Sahara Forest Project, transforming seawater and 
sunlight into fresh water, vegetables, electricity, biofuel and animal feed. 
"The techniques we're developing here can be applied in many regions in the 
world", the project scientists insist.

Centre for Investigative Reporting: Ref-5870

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