IMO the Pope is probably thinking its easier to change the rules for divorced 
Catholics than the rules for gay marriage and women priest.  But he's getting a 
lot of resistance from the conservatives.  More likely, he would let this issue 
cool down for while and try again another time or let the next pope handle the 
issue after he retires or dies in office.

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 Revealing an inner administrative turmoil, not unlike within the TM movement,  

 "In the document the pope appeared to side with progressives.."

 [ Like in TM, with the membership ID badges that allow admittance to the group 
meditation and meetings,]
 " he called for a Church (as with the turmoil in the TM movement) that was 
less strict and more compassionate towards any "imperfect" members, .., saying 
"no one can be condemned forever"."


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 But this probably won't lead to a schism or excomunications.  However, It will 
be interesting to see how they resolve this matter.


 Conservative cardinals challenge Pope over teachings on family
 Conservative cardinals challenge Pope over teach...
 By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Four conservative Roman Catholic 
cardinals on Monday made a rare public challenge to Pope Francis over ...

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