Right, the "materialist" position has not been debunked.  Our scientific 
knowledge of the universe has simply been expanding.  And there's no need to 
bring TM jargon into the equation since there are plenty of reputable 
scientists available who popularize intellectually heavy concepts.
 The definition of the Multiverse as everything material in all dimensions  
eliminates the need to entertain the notion of "outside" Creators since there's 
no outside.  The Multiverse simply is, and always has been.
 Saying the Multiverse has been created by the Unified Field explains nothing 
more than a superficial truism: that recognizable objects emerge from a quantum 
foam, which is what physicists like John A. Wheeler (died some years ago), have 
been saying for decades.  Changing the terms to "Unified Field" introduces a 
false sense of propriety, as if MMY or Hagelin added something significant to 
our understanding of Cosmology.
 ...Best stick to Susskind and other experts, and don't try to merge 
theological concepts with known science unless science evolves to embrace those 


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