Maharishi’s revolutionary work crossed paths with Castro’s in 1962 with 
Maharishi calling for meditators to gather in group meditations then as the 
world was collapsing into a state of post-war atomic agitation between 
super-powers.  The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Spiritual Regeneration 
Movement’s Catalina Island, California meditation retreat, 1962. 

 BBC's Fidel Obit..  
 Castro responded by insisting that "revolutionary justice is not based on 
legal precepts, but on moral conviction".

 NPR  Castro obit piece:
 "There is not communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social 
justice in a well-planned economy," he said at the time.


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 He was able to dodge several assassination attempts, but he couldn't avoid the 
Grim Reaper in the end.  Now many exiled Cubans in the US can visit their home 
country without fear.

 Crowds cheer Castro's death in Little Havana
 Crowds cheer Castro's death in Little Havana News of 
Fidel Castro's death was quick to reach Miami, the center of the Cuban exile 
community, where jubilant crowds hit the streets of Little Havana.

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