The Mother Divine Program (MDP) it seems is about experiencing the level of 
Mother Divine.  It is not so about a form or religion like the worship of Kali 
or some such.  The program is a monastic order that is about cultivating the 
experience at a level of spirituality.  I have heard a couple of different 
lectures given by people who are on that MD program recently and I am with a 
better feeling about the ‘cred’ of the program from that interaction.  

 This last month during the October Surprise lecture series here in Fairfield 
there was one lecture that talked about the substance of what they are doing. 
It was quite a good comprehensive talk and they evidently are doing fine what 
they are doing.  
 In fact it would be interesting to have Rick penetrate their order with his 
Buddha at the Gas Pump series and interview some of the members to be able to 
hear them talk about their experience.  There is someone in Europe on the MDP 
there who gets informally referenced spiritually about experiences 
periodically, a long term member of the order who interacted with Maharishi 
directly,  it would be good to hear from her perspective.

 yifuxero writes:

 Thx, I've always been mystified by MMY's (and successors) use of the phrase 
"Mother Divine Program", since there's no evidence that such Courses 
incorporate actual Devotion to the Divine Mother (in the Traditional forms such 
as Durga, Kali, and numerous other forms).

 By way of example, Ramakrishna was devoted to the Divine Mother Kali
 Guru Dev was devoted to various Divine Mother Personalities (I believe Durga). 
 Also, SBS is featured in a pic along with the Sri Chakra mandala .
 Ramana Maharshi - although a devotee of Arunachala Shiva, had daily Sri Chakra 
pujas conducted at his Ashram. (where the Sri Chakra is the ultimate Divine 
Mother mandala representing numerous aspects of the Divine Mother.
 Simiilarly, Sri Aurobindo was a devotee of the Divine Mother.
 Ammachi is a devotee of the Divine Mother and advocates listening to or 
chanting the Lalita Sahasranama (1000 Names of the Divine Mother), which can be 
purchased as a CD from her Org..
 OTOH, I see no evidence that the so-called "Mother Divine" Courses have 
anything to do with the Divine Mother.  If so, what manifestation of the Divine 
Mother and what are the practices?
 IOW: Lip service.


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 Courses with Mother Divine in Maharishi Vedic City 

1-month December 15-January 15

 WPA     December 22-24 or 26
Meditator Retreat  December 16-18



 The Mother Divine Program 
 Vedic City, Iowa

 Application info
 apply "at"

 The Mother Divine Program | Blissful Life in Freedom, Fullness & Enlightenment
 The Mother Divine Program | Blissful Life in Freedom, Fu... Nourish yourself. Nourish your world.

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