Just reflected on the implications of this thought of consciousness from 
matter.  I would have to say, that consciousness would have to add warmth into 
matter.  According to the Italian language, the word "inferno" comes from the 
Italian word, "invierno" meaning the cold or winter.  So, if one can manifest 
consciousness into matter, It would have to provide life and warmth into things.

 Last year, I was walking at the park on a cold afternoon.  As I walked into 
the woods with the sun shining on a pathway, I saw a small rat going around in 
circles.  I shouted at it.  But it ignored me and kept running around to keep 
 There was a lesson there if you think about it.









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 Or can humans impart consciousness to matter?  It is recognized that some 
mystics can tell who was using a particular object just by intuition and 
feelings.  A scientific answer to this question can lead to possible leads in 
AI and it may be possible for a computer to claim "I think, therefore I am."

 How do you explain consciousness? | David Chalmers 
 How do you explain consciousness? | David C... 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhRhtFFhNzQ Our consciousness is a fundamental 
aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers: "There's nothing we 
know about more directly.... but at the sa...

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