Separate from cultivating human spirituality, in behavior it also seems that 
one can’t necessarily say whether a character of civil behavior is simply of 
someone’s upbringing (culture) or was of their DNA as an incarnating epigenetic 
stress (nature) carried into an incarnation. Though socially, judgements 
incorporating all of this may become rendered in to the work of juries of peers 
or magistrates where asocial behavior may get separated out in penalty and 
virtuous work may become recognized as elevated. Norms of individuals in 
society become normative society, in behavior rasayana. 
 Behaviors and attitudes to maximize Behaviors and attitudes to be avoided ..
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 In other ‘traditional’ systems or from other eras these aspects of 
‘cultivating behavior’ were called good or spiritually virtuous, and then the 
spiritually or uncultivated the bad or sinful aspects in effect i.e., in nature 
‘rasayana-ic’ systems like the ‘seven sins’, etc. as what is in line with 
virtue in cultivating the human Being.  


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 Behavioral (achara) rasayanas are behaviors that enhance health, happiness and 
longevity. Achara rasayanas do more than just tell us how to behave. They 
provide practical methods — such as eating sattvic foods and practicing 
meditation — to effortlessly improve our ability to choose positive behaviors 
and avoid making mistakes that cause ill health and unhappiness.

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 A behavioral rasayana is that which deals with the mind's influence on the 
body in a very concrete, observable way. For instance, when you are happy, your 
body releases certain feel-good chemicals that promote health. On the other 
hand, when you are stressed or unhappy, the body releases neurochemicals that 
put a strain on and harm the body's vital organs.


 Dr. Hari Sharma lists some of the healing and toxic behaviors according to 
classical ayurvedic texts like the Charaka Samhita.
 Behaviors and attitudes to maximize: Love Compassion Speech that uplifts 
people Cleanliness Charity and regular donation Religious observance Respect 
toward teachers and elders Being positive Moderation and self-control, 
especially with regard to alcohol and sex Simplicity Behaviors and attitudes to 
be avoided: 
 Anger Violence Harsh or hurtful speech Conceit Speaking ill of others behind 
their backs Egotism Dishonesty Coveting another's spouse or wealth 

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