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 From what I understand,  Russia used malware during the hacking of the 

 President Obama Expels Russian Diplomats After Election Hack 
 President Obama Expels Russian Diplomats After Ele... 
 Watch the video President Obama Expels Russian Diplomats After Election Hack 
on Yahoo Good Morning America . Obama took executive action to expel 35 Russi...
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 As such, these types of software virus could have infiltrated the data banks 
of various states' election system to erase Clinton votes and add  bogus Trump 
votes, particularly in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  Trump had 
slim leads in his win at these states  which summed up to about 40 electoral of 
the 270 votes needed to win.

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 Good day Jr_esq:  A few comments to think about.



 Electoral votes can be stolen by hacking the election process just as the 
Russians did.  

 As I remember, Trump had narrow victories in several states such as 
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  If Trump, with the help of the 
Russians, hacked the election system in these states then Trump illegally won 
the 40 or so electoral votes which were needed to get the 270 electoral votes 
needed to win the election.

 What do you mean exactly by "hacking the election system?"

 I meant using malware and other viruses to erase Clinton votes and illegally 
add Trump's name.

 But the FBI does not tell us the extent of the hacking.  

 Did the Russians add ghost votes in these states to win the states' electoral 

 How would the Russians have added "ghost votes?"  Can you explain what you 
think a "ghost vote" is?  At what point in the voting process do you think this 

 The malware could have been used during the election night This virus could 
have erased  Clinton's votes and added Trump's name--hence the name "ghost" 
votes . 

 If the election voting was rigged to upend the final electoral vote tallies, 
then the Russians have committed a major revolution without firing a single 

 It appears that Hillary Clinton has a major cause to protest the election 
results due to the hacking by the Russians.

 In order for her to legally challenge the election results, there has to be 
evidence.  Is it possible for 

 Yes, the FBI stated that malware was used.    But we don't know the details of 
the FBIs findings 

 In addition, the Russians could have help the Trump campaign with 
sophisticated forecasting techniques, using the latest algorithms in artificial 
intelligent machines.  As such, Trump was able to manipulate the opinions and 
sentiments of the American people.

 Trump  has many ties to Russia.  However, it is not illegal for Trump to try 
and manipulate opinions and sentiments of the populous; this is, in fact, what 
politicians do in an effort to beat out their opponent. Welcome to democracy!  

 Hacking the election to make your candidate win is illegal by using malware 
and virus programs.

 The FBI has the responsibility to tell Americans if the results of the 
election validly reflected the people's will.

 It is not the responsibility of the FBI to determine whether or not the 
election reflects the people's will.  The results of the election show that 
Hillary soundly won the  popular vote and the Trumpster squeaked by in the 
electoral college.  If you believe that the President should be elected based 
on popular vote, than the "true" winner of the election has been declared.   

 If the FBI found the hacking, they should determine how much of the electoral 
were affected.  As such, they can determine who the real winner is.



   If not, then the true winner of the election should be declared.
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 Re: "How come the intelligence agencies cannot determine how much of Trump's 
electoral votes were stolen from Hillary Clinton?"

 John:  Here is a Ted-Ed video on the electoral college and how it works.  

 How do you think an electoral vote could be "stolen?"  



Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained - Christina Greer 
 Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained ... 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9H3gvnN468 View full lesson: 
 You vote, but...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9H3gvnN468 
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 To everyone:

 The FBI has already determined that Russia hacked the election process.  The 
Americans may have elected the wrong candidate to be president.  How come the 
intelligence agencies cannot determine how much of Trump's electoral votes were 
stolen from Hillary Clinton?

 In addition, it should be pointed out the US natal chart is now running the 
major period of Rahu in conjunction with Mercury.  This means that the Russians 
may have used artificial intelligence to manipulate the American electorate and 
steal Clinton's votes.

 Similarly, the current uptick in the stock market is more likely due to the 
recommendations of financial analysts using artificial intelligent technologies 
such as "deep learning".  From this technologies almost all sectors of the 
economy can be affected by artificial intelligent machines like autonomous 
self-driving cars and medical diagnoses.

 In other words my dear members, the US has already started the next phase of 
the Industrial Revolution.  We are now in the phase of the Artificial 
Intelligent Machine Revolution.  And the next step is the Singularity.

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 A PTS? Possibly a quarter are feeling having been abused in some way by the 
personality of the bullying in the election cycle and then their continuing to 
have to meet their abuser everyday in the reading of and the hearing a flow of 
agitating unsettling tweets and media. 
 And more broadly, regardless of particulars, it seems there is a collective 
wondering about the uncertainty and where it is going. Spiritually unsettled, 
it seems an atmospheric darkness has come over..

 Lo, Salem's daughters weep around;
 A solemn darkness veils the skies,
 A sudden trembling shakes the ground.

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 Yep, in the collective.  Yes, I feel Card here has a valid observation even as 
coming from Scandinavia.  Mundane politic and particulars aside evidently there 
is a lot of unsettled-ness that has has been put into people. Figure roughly 
that maybe a quarter of the population is in some state of shock and felt a 
type of deeper disgust over the election, and for some something like a PTS 

 cardemaister writes:

 Not Trump himself but many peoples' reactions to his becoming POTUS?


 Bhairitu writes:

 LOL!  I doubt if Trump has that much of an effect. Maybe you ate too much for 
the holidays?



 "Decline of sattva in Global Consciousness??"

I notice that aspect too.  Like what was the spiritual atmosphere has become 
dense, in noticing the palpable cultivated spiritual energetic bubble which has 
been around Jefferson County and Fairfield is compressed. People in the 
Fairfield, Iowa satsang are noticing that and do comment on their own about it. 
 The ongoing group meditation in the Dome still is quite spiritually activated 
as a place to Be in. Its contrast is remarkable. 

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 After Trump's victory, nothing seems to happen when I do YF?
 WTF is up??  Decline of sattva in Global Consciousness??







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