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 The 360 acres that is the heart of it still remains. It remains a holding of 
Maharishi Foundation
  as a residence course facility.

 The caretaker is an extremely capable guy in so many
 ways who has been with the project since it started here.
 The place has taken a lot of care as the original
 contractor employed poorly skilled labor that
 left a lot of headache in the construction of 
 the main building. The guy has remedied a lot
 of embedded problems that came in the 
 construction of the place.  

 It is a nice building
 now.  Looks a lot like the Peace Palaces
 on campus along Hwy 1 in Fairfield.  
 Evidently it was done by the same Mexican contractor

  and construction with 
 same inherent flaws of the trades work
 as a number of Peace Palaces then.

 In Fairfield they are spending quite a lot on
 renovating the new structures right now.  
 For instance, really poor flashing
 everywhere, drip edge, flashing windows
 and walls that led to all kinds of problems.
 Also Miserably poor trades work throughout.

 Otherwise the other buildings here were put
 on hold as they were framed shortly after
 Maharishi passed away. 'No mon' no fun.'
 The Rajas did not come through on this.
 Really poor controls and administration in execution of 
 the project.  


 The main building now at the Brahmansthan is nice and comfortable.

 It has been made that way by some massive
 dedicated work.  This guy deserves a
 Maharishi Award at least.  I admire him.

 In the end, this is a fabulous place to meditate.
 You won't find many better.
 M was up to something with his eye on this place.

 Today, I got an 8 or 9 hour drive back to Fairfield ahead of
 me. Reflect more later.


 -The Pilgrim



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 What's going on out there? The most recent news I can find on it is an article 
from 2015 that said most of the land had been sold off and that one guy lives 
out there by himself, growing organic crops on the remaining few hundred acres.

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 Greetings tonight from the geographical center

 of the continental 48 United States of America.
 It is clearly a fabulous place to meditate.
 Our Brahmansthan. A spiritual power place quite evidently.
 Is rated high by spiritual pilgrims who travel to such places.
 Of the Peace and Blessings of Large Nature
 Jai Guru Dev,  


 {Ollie, it is a little Deja vu the KC capital.} 


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