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>I have noticed that a swifter route to the gap is dropping 
> thought altogether, just willing it.

I have noticed over the years a sort of objectless inward stroke
(meditation, flow) occurs by itself.. It can happen with eyes closed
or in activity.

With eyes closed, there is not an intent to meditate. Nor a "will" to
drop thoughts. Its more lke falling off a cliff, or for skiers, simply
letting go of any resistance (poles, edges) and let IT happen.

Similar in activity. Its like awarenss rolls back nto itself. Starting
"like" -- as an analogy -- rolling ones eyes back up into forehead and
as if then looking backwards into the brain. In a parallel fashion,
awareness seems to fold backwards, and then collapses -- like a dog
who falls to the floor in a comfy, puppy like curled up postion. 

The latter, in activity, happens with the body in motion. But the
active mind stops. It can create Bliss -- (which doesn't appear dumb
to me -- contray to the experiene of some others) -- it "seems"
parallel to pizo-electic devices -- in which current flows when
pressure is applied to the pizo device. The process of folding
awarness back into itself, puts sufficent, tough subtle, pressure on
awareness such that bliss is "sqeazed out."

A deeper level of awarness folding into itself, a type of object-less
inward stroke (aka meditation) occurs with both the body in motion,
and the mind / intellect complex in motion. And the intellect clearly
recognizes the awarness "backward fold", (or like awareness taking
backward dive off a diving board) as sometbing distinct from itself.

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