Iniquitous (grossly unfair and morally wrong) member behavior,
nefarious (wicked or criminal)  management.  
An e-mail warning memo that came out from the movement here last year at a 
point alerted people that someone who had previously been separating people 
from their money was back in town.  Apparently the person hooked up with a 
capable business woman here in the community and headed out with her. 

---In, <> wrote :

 In community, some years ago apparently someone took Jerry Jarvis’ retirement 
money to ‘invest’ it for him and made off with it.  Anybody know what the 
nature of that ‘investment’ scheme was? A while ago some trolling for people’s 
money here in Fairfield was 'investing' in caribbean banks.  

 I have run into some people here in Fairfield who more recently have become 
‘resource poor’ for having their savings ‘invested’ in what sounds like some 
nefarious trolling of people’s openness, again.
 Reading into histories of other groups like ours and how it went for them and 
often ended, this particular iniquitous behavior of insider members trolling of 
others to their own benefit is not uncommon in the narrative of how it went 
with other high-minded/altruistic attempts at intentional living like ours has 
been here in Fairfield.     



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