Scientists have differing opinions about the quantum world.  Hagelin's critics 
have an agenda to sell their point of view and denigrate Hagelin's work.  But 
the fact remains that Hagelin is a brilliant man with a Phd. from Harvard and 
research credentials from CERN.  You have to compare the critics'  credentials 
before you believe what they say about Hagelin's research.  By the way, the 
point I'm saying is not related to Hagelin's position.  My point is somewhat 
related to what Tom Campbell, a physicist and lecturer, is saying as shown in 
the links I've attached in the previous posts.

 Lastly, the double-slit experiment is related to TM since the human observer 
has consciousness which collapses the wave function.  Doesn't TM emphasize the 
value of consciousness among its practitioner?

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 What does the double slit experiment have to do with TM?

 Haven't you read the entry in Wikipedia for John Hagelin?

 To Quote:

 Virtually every theoretical physicist in the world rejects all of this as 
nonsense and the work of a crackpot, but Hagelin's case shows that crackpots 
can have PhDs from the Harvard Physics Department and a large number of 
frequently cited papers published in the best peer-reviewed journals in 
theoretical physics.[17] 
 Hagelin's linkage of quantum mechanics and unified field theory with 
consciousness was also critiqued by University of Iowa 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Iowa philosophy and sociology 
professors Evan Fales and Barry Markovsky in 1997, in the journal Social Forces 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Forces. They wrote that the connection 
relied on similarity between properties of quantum mechanical fields and 
consciousness, but that the parallels Hagelin highlighted between unified field 
theories and the Vedas rested on ambiguity, obscurity and vague analogy 
supported by the construction of arbitrary similarities.John Hagelin - 

 John Hagelin - Wikipedia 
 John Samuel Hagelin (born June 9, 1954) is an American author, three-time 
candidate of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States (1992, ...

 View on en.wikipedia.org 
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